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Further Services Provided

Party Wall Agreements

There may be certain works you are considering completing on your property which may require notification under The Party Wall etc Act 1996.

This may be for works directly affecting a party wall or for adjacent foundation works, which will require the serving of an appropriate Notice under the Party Wall Act. 

At H I Consultants we can help you determine if any works do require notification, prepare and serve Notices, as well as completing a schedule of condition on adjoining properties, if required.

We also welcome contact from adjoining owners, where you may have been served a Party Wall Notice and are unsure what to do next.

 For a no obligation discussion please contact us on

                           01376 773 015

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes can be extremely difficult to resolve and creates potential conflict between neighbours.

We offer an impartial service, where we will work with both sets of neighbours to try and determine the exact location and position of the boundary.

This involves making at least one site visit, retrieving and researching any historical data, including; Title Deeds, old maps, historic photographs, site investigation, as well as discussing the matter fully with all parties concerned.

Our service is completely impartial, we do not proceed on the basis of favouring one neighbour or the other, and through detailed measuring and mapping of the site, would produce a plan which can then be lodged with the Land Registry as a determined boundary, and incorporated with all other documentation held on file for the property.

               For a no obligation discussion please contact us on;

                                                01376 773 015

Listed Building Consent

If you are considering either major or even minor changes to your property, and it is listed, it is very likely you will need to submit a Listed Building Consent Application.

This differs from a normal planning application in that it must include the following;

1. Heritage Impact Statement

2. Design and Access Statement

The Heritage Impact Statement defines the historic 'significance' of the building, and the Design and Access Statement describes the proposed works and how they might impact on the historical importance, 'significance', of the building and its setting.

These type of statements need to be carefully researched, and only a Heritage Specialist, who is qualified to do so, should be undertaking such tasks.

At H I Consultants, our Heritage Specialist is qualified to Masters level, in the Conservation of Buildings, and would be able to assist in completing your Listed Building Consent Application.

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