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Home Condition Surveys

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Home Condition Surveys

If you are in the process of purchasing a property then you should consider having a survey completed to determine if there are any pre-existing defects which may affect its value.

The Home Condition Survey is a thorough examination, both inside and out of a number of key structural elements, and all are assigned a condition rating, so you can see at a glance if there are any serious defects associated with the property.

The report is easy to read and will contain a number of photographs of any concerning features found, large or small, during the course of a site inspection.

Contact us for a no obligation discussion on your building survey requirement on; 01376 773 015.

Inspection Criteria

  • Subsidence and any evidence of structural movement

  • Examination of roof coverings and chimney stacks

  • Inspection of roof void areas

  • Check for any visible evidence of woodworm and water ingress

  • Gutters and rainwater goods

  • Windows and doorways

  • Internal condition of property

  • Services including drainage inspection chambers

  • Moisture meter readings recorded throughout property

  • Raise any conveyancing issues noted whilst on site

  • Reinstatement cost if required

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